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Being charged with a sex crime in Dawes County can be overwhelming and have serious long-term consequences that can impact your life. If you are convicted, you can face large amounts of fines and spend years in prison, in addition to having a tarnished reputation and other negative consequences on your professional and personal life. Therefore, if you are facing sex crime charges in the Nebraska Panhandle area, a Dawes County sex crimes lawyer from Island Law Office, PC, LLO, can fiercely defend you.

The sex crimes criminal defense team at Island Law Office, PC, LLO, has been working to defend clients like you who are facing serious accusations. We handle a diverse array of cases, including charges related to sexual assault, rape, child sex crimes, and child pornography, with the degree of crimes ranging from misdemeanor to felony.

Our compassionate team is here to listen to your story, help gather evidence to support your case, analyze the prosecution’s evidence, and work to build and execute a foolproof defense strategy on your behalf. We can work toward having your charges dropped or reduced.

What Is a Sex Crime in Dawes County, Nebraska?

In Dawes County, Nebraska, sex crimes are defined by state law. Under Nebraska state law, sex crimes are considered to be any type of criminal activity that involves unwanted sexual contact in which the victim of the crime does not provide their consent. Not providing consent can look like any of the following scenarios:

  • The accused had reasonable suspicion or sufficient evidence to be aware of the fact that the victim was intoxicated, unconscious, or having a developmental or mental disorder
  • The consent from the alleged victim was given as a result of fraudulent or deceptive behavior
  • The alleged victim showed that they did not consent through verbal or physical cues
  • The alleged victim had to submit to the act or forcibly give consent due to the presence or threat of violent coercion.

For a criminal sex crime case in Nebraska, proving whether consent was present or not is key to making or breaking a case for the defendant. Consent laws can be vague in the state. For example, according to Nebraska Code § 28-318 (2022), in cases where it would be useless to resist or express a lack of consent, such as in extremely violent situations, consent does not have to be proven.

Consent in a sex crimes case can be even more complicated depending on whether minors are involved. For example, if a person aged 25 or older engages in sexual penetration with a minor aged 12-16 who expressly gives their consent, this can’t formally count as consent under Nebraska law.

If you are facing sex crime charges in Dawes County, a dedicated sex crimes defense team from Island Law Office, PC, LLO, can help analyze your case and, if applicable, work to prove that a sexual act was consensual and, therefore, not a crime.

Dawes County Sex Crime Defense Strategies

The sex crime criminal defense team at Island Law Office, PC, LLO, has years of experience representing those who have been accused of sex crimes in the Nebraska Panhandle, helping protect their rights and giving high-quality legal representation. Based on your case details, we can help discern an optimal defense strategy moving forward for your case. Key strategies include:

  • Proving Consent. As mentioned above, proving consent is a key factor in any Nebraska sex crimes case. Our legal team can work to gather evidence, such as phone records, online communication, and texts, as well as witness testimony to demonstrate that a sexual act was carried out consensually.
  • Challenging Law Enforcement Conduct. If your rights were breached in any way during or before your arrest, then this may be grounds to get your case dropped. Furthermore, if prosecuting evidence was illegally obtained against you, then this can be voided, resulting in your case being dropped.
  • Statute of Limitations. In Nebraska, there is a limited amount of time that a case claimant has to submit a claim after the date of the alleged sex crime incident. If the crime is not filed within this critical period of time, then the case may be voided.
  • Showing Identity Was Mistaken. Some Nebraska sex crime cases can involve defendants who are falsely mistaken to be another person who committed the crime. In such cases, critical evidence, such as DNA evidence and other facial recognition matching algorithms, can be leveraged to prove a defendant innocent.
  • Arguing Lack of Sufficient Evidence. In order to convict an individual of a sex crime in Nebraska, there has to be ample, quality evidence that clearly shows that the crime was committed. A knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer from Island Law Office, PC, LLO can analyze the prosecution’s evidence and work to find inconsistencies or gaps that challenge its validity.
  • Proving False Motives. In some cases, claimants may accuse defendants of a sex crime if they have certain false motives involved, such as personal revenge or potential for financial gain. Sufficient evidence can be collected to show that the individual may have ulterior motives for bringing the Nebraska sex crimes case forward.

To build up a strong defense strategy against your Dawes County sex crimes charges, it may be necessary to leverage one or more of the aforementioned defense tactics, along with other techniques that may be more specifically customized to meet your case needs. By working with a sex crimes defense lawyer from our Dawes County law firm, you can rest assured that your case is in compassionate and knowledgeable hands and that we can fight persistently on your behalf.

Fight Back Against Your Sex Crimes Charges: Work With a Dawes County Sex Crimes Lawyer

It can be overwhelming to face serious sex crime charges in Dawes County. You may be feeling defeated and believe that the situation is hopeless. However, you are not alone in this fight. Our dedicated sex crimes defense team can help inform you of your rights and work to ensure that no laws have been breached before, during, or after your arrest and prosecution.

We can investigate every avenue in your case to find the optimal case strategy to fight back and reach a favorable outcome. Contact an experienced Dawes County sex crimes lawyer from our team today to get started.