The Fallacy of the Green Tongue

Island Law Office

In just about every DUID marijuana case the officer states he saw a green tongue. That the green tongue is evidence of recent marijuana use. The green tongue is then used to justify an arrest and a DRE screen. We know this is BS, and what can we do to challenge it. Well, the virtual library, thanks to George Bianci, has a number of motions and articles related to the green tongue fallacy.

There is no scientific support for this claim. There is nothing to suggest that recent marijuana use and a green tongue are related. In fact, it seem counter-intuitive as the plant has been dried and burned before it is consumed.

So the next time a law enforcement officer tries to bamboozle the court with the green tongue argument, counter with the unreliable and unscientifically proven argument. Find the Motion in the Library and convince your judge that this unreliable evidence should not be admissible.

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