Prescription Drugs and DUI

Island Law Office

Whenever the police see a person who acts in an unexpected way, they believe they are under the influence. Rather than consider the likely options, such as a medical condition, the police jump right to the conclusion that a person is impaired by drugs. Many times, the person would be impaired if they failed to take their prescription medication.

Because officers assume it’s impairment, clients need someone who is familiar with the Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) program and can point out where the officer made a mistake. In a seven-day training course, a DRE now has the same ability to diagnose a person as a doctor and pharmacist. This is incredible, but what has been deemed acceptable, and admissible, in court,.

If your attorney is not familiar with the DRE program, doesn’t know how to attack it, and doesn’t know where the problems are, the lack of familiarity can end of turning a medical condition into a criminal conviction. When selecting an attorney for a case involving your prescription drugs, make sure they know what the officer is supposed to do. Your attorney cannot go along because the officer says so, but call the officer out for making assumptions.

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