Government Lab Reports

Island Law Office

We are lucky to have members who ferret away materials, any materials, that may be of help to the defender of a DUI Case. Recently, George Bianchi wanted to update me with the 2016 IACT newsletter. When I asked if he had others, he sent me over 30 of them, dating back to the 1990’s. He also included an ASCLAD report or the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, or in reality, the police officers lab excuse machine. However, when they concede a point helpful to us, it’s awfully hard for them to continue to deny the problem.

Such is the case on their 2004 180 Day Study Report. They looked at what was needed in crime labs. One point I found helpful was the comment regarding duties of lab directors. “Lab directors have a responsibility to the public to develop and maintain efficient, high quality laboratories. Laboratory managers . . . are responsible for developing sound scientific practices.” P.10.

Digging through these articles can result in great cross-examination gems. When the lab has failed to maintain high quality labs or sound scientific procedures, their own people call into question its validity. If their own people question its validity, then why should the jury rely on it beyond a reasonable doubt.

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